The BE-Wind product line is unique in the world, it is the only dual vertical wind system with a Deflector (Diversion) shield on the market today. This design has come about after many years of development and testing. The patented design is going to revolutionize the Function and the way we approach small wind technology.
All vertical wind systems on the market today, regardless of their specs, are very inefficient, just because of the process in which they produce rotation.          


 1) The same wind that creates rotation on any vertical system also creates resistance.
 The fact that the parabolic drive side has a larger volume of air flow and force, creates ther rotation.
 2) The Solution to overcome this situation is to block or divert the air flow from the opposing force side of
      the blade.
But it is not just simply placing a wall in front of the blade. There are many factors to the positon and size of this deflector. Or it will simply cause much more problems. At BE-WIND we have tested this in a wind tunnel and used Flow analysis To determine the proper formula for making this work effectively.
Once this formula was developed by a team of engineers, the technology sprang forward, to develop a structure to support the loads and allow the system to rotate smoothly into the wind, so that the Deflector would always maintain its position with constantly changing wind direction. Since the wind was being diverted to both sides of the deflector, it seemed logical to place a second turbine on the opposing side. This opened the door to solve more issues within our wind turbines.

       Having a single Deflector and a single turbine, created new issues and concerns.

3) The solution was to apply a dual turbine to allow for balancing, increase performance and
     inadvertently solve 2 other issues with one modification.
       a) An Automatic alignment to the wind. ensuring the system stays optimal with max wind force
           from all directions.
       b) A perfomance increase by naturally creating a Venturi effect between the turbines.
By creating this wind system, we have resolved many issues that have plagued the small Vertical wind industry
         for all these years.

     A) By increasing and blocking the wind flow to the back side of the blades, we have solved the issue of
          areas with low wind.

     B) Results have shown start up rotation speed in 3-4 mph creating low voltage power at 5-6 mph.

          (12 – 24 volts) perfect for battery storage or charging.

     C)With expanding blade lengths, we can develop torque to turn low resistance Axial Flux generators and

         produce 120 volts + for input at 8-10 mph to ensure Grid tie applications.

      D)The requirement for 30-60 foot poles to capture high winds
are now just an option, resolving the
          expense of very high poles with very high service charges.

       E) At 10-20 feet, We keep costs and service to minimum, just requiring a portable latter or
           small service vehicle.
           This also puts our system into the city requirements of staying within the fall line of
           adjoining properties.

Additional Applied Technology

4) Along with some other design effects, we are able to restrict the max RPM speed of the turbine,
    regardless of the excess wind speeds.(Self Regulates) The turbine will naturally restrict its RPM to
    375-400 rpm In excess of power wind speeds. this done thru blade gaping technology.

    The requirement to brake the system, unless required by service or electrical requirements is not
     necessary. We encourage you to let this run thru the most severe storms, where power is most

     Beyond the power generation, the design of the system, allows for expandability, the front Deflector
     shield can be used as a marketing / advertisement billboard, customization of colors and design
     patterns for environmental blending and or social events.